Korlat Merlot Supreme

  • Harvest:2012
  • Region:Benkovac – Stankovci
  • Location:Korlat
  • Grape variety:Merlot
  • Alcohol:13,5%
  • Residual sugars:NA
  • Acidity:NA
  • Packaging:0,75 L

Gastro recommendation

Chilled at 16-18°C it is the ideal partner to blue fish, prosciutto, white meat, grilled vegetables, mushrooms and barbecued shrimp


A delicate wine with elegant tones of mature cherries and a raspberry aroma enriched with smoked tones. The discrete aromatic and mature spices are derived from maturation in barrique barrels.

The harmony achieved through a combination of seductive freshness and a few grams of residual sugar ensure that this wine has an additional dimension and a perfectly smooth texture. This are in fact the characteristics which will inspire you to enjoy this wine time after time.



 Red Dot Award

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