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Korlat Travarica barrique with immortelle

Korlat Travarica barrique with immortelle

Dalmatian immortelle is the dominant ingredient of Korlat Travarica barrique, a flower that never withers, even when it is picked. Its opulence and characteristic Mediterranean scent are derived from the macerate of aromatic mint, sage, anise and basil rounded by Dalmatian immortelle. Slow maturation in Slavonian oak barrels brings out a recognisable taste worthy of a century long tradition.

Did you know?

Environment protection laws protect immortelle as a plant that needs to be preserved. For this reason, it is necessary to acquire licenses to pick this plant. The professional jury recognised the quality of Korlat Travarica barrique with immortelle and awarded it with two gold star at the 2016. iTQi Superior Taste Award.

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